10 High Paying Jobs in Political Science

Political science is an academic program that focuses on the practices and theory of politics at the state, national and internationals levels. Those who major in it are trained to think independently, communicate effectively and function efficiently in a multicultural world. They employ qualitative and quantitative approaches to monitor current political affairs and forecast trends. The records presented by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate lucrative salaries for political scientists. They are ranked number 22 in the best social service professionals category. Political science also has a wide range of career opportunities in different fields. Here are the top ten high-paying jobs in political science you might want to consider.

1. Attorney

An attorney offers legal advice and representation to different people, including those in the political landscape. Those who seek various positions may turn to the attorney for advice on political law and other applicable legal requirements. For instance, an attorney may help someone who has not previously served in an elective post conduct a thorough review of his past businesses, career, personal life and experiences before declaring his political intention. Attorneys in the United States earn an average salary of $136,250.

2. Campaign Manager

A campaign manager oversees all the aspects of a campaign. This includes controlling day-to-day activities of the campaign team, coordinating and implementing fundraising operations and managing the staff. He may also be responsible for creating the campaign budget, advertising and polling on the election day. Campaign managers earn median salary of $53,405 per year. The pay largely differs with the scale of the political race. Presidential campaign managers earn more than those who manage gubernatorial, senatorial or congressional aspirants. Most of them move with their candidates during campaigns.

3. Campaign Staffer

A campaign staffer looks for and organizes volunteers, writes speeches, schedules candidate appearances and helps with the logistics of the aspirant and the campaign team. He may also address the press, manage a candidate’s online presence, conduct research and help create adverts. Campaign staffers earn an average salary of $58,514 per year. Some may benefit from occasional bonuses.

4. Elected Legislature

An elected legislature refers to a group of people who are empowered by the electorate to make or change the laws of a country. An elected legislature consists of representatives in the Congress and Senate. A member of an elected legislature can also approve or reject presidential nominations and provide advice on international treaties. Other duties may include checking and balancing other parts of the federal government and consenting to various appointments done by the president. An elected legislature member with no leadership position earn $174,000 per year.

5. Political Analyst

A political analyst examines and provides insights on the international and domestic political environment in a campaign team or political organization. These roles require him to research political subjects and ideologies and collect data from sources such as public opinion surveys and election results. Other roles may include using statistical analysis techniques to interpret research findings in different political scenarios. Political analysts earn an average salary of $84,232 per year. Most of them work as independent consultants. Others work in media houses, political research organizations and campaign teams.

6. Legislative Assistant

A legislative assistant performs a wide range of duties. He helps senators and house representatives manage pending issues and draft legislation. Some legislative assistants may help with the traveling arrangements, meetings and public image. Others help to garner support for a specific legislation on behalf of the representative and assist in drafting speeches. Most senators and house representatives have at least one legislative assistant in their offices. A suitable assistant should have an outstanding office and personal management skills, good computer knowledge and great coordination abilities. Legislative assistants earn an average salary of $44,484 per year.

7. Political Consultant

A political consultant supports and advises political groups or candidates through strategic planning and coordination. He promotes ideas of the group or candidate through the media and controls all the fundraising activities. Most political consultants in the US work with presidential, senatorial and house of representative aspirants. Others work with political groups or media houses. Political consultants earn an average of $100,000 per year. Those who earn higher salaries work for candidates who vie for more advanced positions, such as the president or senator.

8. Public Administrator

A public administrator is in charge of all programs meant to serve the public. This includes managing affairs of people who cannot make their own financial or health decisions and organizing fundraising activities for them. A public administrator may also be in charge of revenue and expenditure planning within an organization. Others may fulfill administrative roles such as providing information to clients and overseeing the implementation of various programs. The median annual salary for public administrators is $59,000.

9. Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist is responsible for directing and planning public relations programs within an organization. He works with advertisers for timely and usable advertising commissions. He copy-edits, proofreads and revises communications within an organization. Other duties of a public relations specialist include delivering press releases, creating media contents, handling case studies, managing social media channels and preparing campaign proposals. Public relations specialists earn an average salary of $56,770 per year. A larger percentage of them work in companies and political organizations. Others work as self-employed contractors.

10. Research Analyst

A research analyst obtains, organizes and analyzes various forms of data. He then uses the information obtained from the data to come up with new solutions for various problems. He does this by converting the complex data into digestible tables, graphs and written reports. He also measures the effectiveness of the campaign programs and strategies and gathers information about voters and competitors. A research analyst also monitors and forecasts various trends that affect an organization. Research analysts earn a median salary of $51,798. They are employed in every sector of the economy and political landscape. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment rate to grow by 19 percent over the next 10 years.

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A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in political science can open doors to many career opportunities. The list discussed above is just a fraction of the numerous jobs you could get with political science.