How Can You Get a Job Working in a Political Campaign?

Political CampaignWhile the American voter ultimately decides who gets elected to office, a lot goes into each political campaign. If you want to help support a political candidate or simply want to begin your career in politics, working on a political campaign could be the best way to fulfill those desires. How can you get a job working in a political campaign?

Talk to the Political Party Itself

If the candidate works for a major political party, the candidate will generally operate with assistance of that political party on some level. For instance, a candidate for a local or county office may work within a local apparatus aimed at getting them elected for those positions. Party representatives may also work at the state level for state offices and operate nationally for national elections. Knowing what seat a candidate is after may help you determine who to talk to about working on a particular campaign. In many cases, political parties will have their own websites that will tell you how to get involved.

Online Advertisements

Depending on what your desired role is, you may be able to find advertisements online asking for volunteers. For instance, you may be asked to ring doorbells and make phone calls in an effort to canvass available voters. Campaigns that are looking for volunteers may place ads on Craigslist or Facebook. If you are interested in such a role, you can reply to the ad and connect with someone who can tell you more about how to contribute.

Personal Connections

If you know a candidate personally, you may be able to obtain a role on his or her campaign. However, it may be necessary to disclose that you have a personal relationship with the candidate. There may also be limits as to how you can interact with this person. For example, you may not be able to work for his or her company or otherwise make moves that could benefit you financially in exchange for political favors. There may also be rules regarding how much you can donate to a candidate or how you may interact with other donors while an official member of the campaign.

You Can Be Asked to Join a Campaign

Those who have experience as a lawyer or are known as good public speakers may be invited to join a campaign either as a director or consultant. In some cases, an individual may be asked to join the campaign as a surrogate. What this means is that a third-party will give speeches that reinforce talking points and policy platforms that the candidate wants to emphasize. Using surrogates may be effective as they may be better liked than the candidate or are generally able to use their influence to point voters toward a particular person, according to the Harvard Law Review.

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How can you get a job working in a political campaign? There are many ways that you can join a campaign and get involved in politics on a large scale. Those who are looking for more information may wish to talk to their representatives or others who may work in politics or study it for a living.