What Jobs Can I Get With a Political Science Degree?

Political ScienceJobs with a political science degree are available for students who recently finished a college degree. Though some people assume that you only qualify for jobs if you have a more advanced degree, completing your undergraduate degree in political science can give you the qualifications necessary for a variety of different jobs. If you decide that you want to make more money later, you can always go back to school, but before you apply for graduate school, find out what jobs are open to you with your Bachelor degree.

Government Positions

Many of the jobs with a political science degree open to college graduates are government positions. You might seek employment as an analyst and analyze different factors for the state or local government. You can also look for entry level positions that require little experience, including urban policy positions and positions within the local city council. Many political science students care about what happens in local politics, and they work on campaigns for different politicians. Though some of these positions are unpaid, other positions will give you a salary to help coordinate functions, plan events and keep track of records in the office. The American Political Science Association recommends working as a lobbyist, immigration officer, state legislator or in other government positions.

Political Writers

If writing about politics interests you, you might look for writing jobs. Magazine and newspapers are not the only place to look for writing jobs since blogs and websites have become increasingly popular. Some of these sites hire writers for work from home jobs. You can write news stories and articles on Congressional decisions, the hottest political campaigns and even current scandals. The company lets you send your articles to an editor at the office, and you’ll receive payment for your work. You can also make money creating your own website or blog that documents political news.

Teaching Jobs

There are a number of jobs that you can do with just an undergraduate degree. Many states require that you have a teaching license to work in an elementary, junior high or high school, but not all states require that you have a degree in education. You can often apply for a teaching license if you have a college degree and agree to take and pass a criminal and background check. Some students also take part-time teaching jobs with a political science degree.

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Law School

While many students follow the pre-law path in college, you can earn a spot in law school with a political science degree. Political science teaches you how to analyze information, make informed decisions and research various topics. Some of the top law schools in the country place a high level of importance both on your grades and the field you studied. If you need to make money while working your way through law school, you can apply for a fellowship or a teaching assistant position.

There is no guarantee that you will find the job of your dreams after graduating college, but with the right degree, you’ll qualify for some great jobs. Jobs with a political science degree include paid and unpaid positions working with all levels of the government, teaching jobs, political writers and hundreds of other positions.