What Jobs are Available with a Master’s in Political Science?

Political Science majors have a wide array of careers upon graduation. The field of political science covers popular careers, such as public service, political management of campaigns, research and statistical careers, law careers and more. Below are just a few of the careers one can have with a Master’s in Political Science.

City Administrative Assistant

One of the most common entry-level jobs available with a Master’s in Political Science is a city administrative assistant. They perform a variety of duties, such as preparing reports and communications for the city council and researching federal, state and local policies and provisions. They gather information to assist with projects, complaints and organizational activities. City administrative assistants investigate circumstances and recommend appropriate actions in accordance with established regulations.

Legislative Affairs Manager

Legislative affairs managers direct the strategic development of programs that handle local, state and federal issues. They are lobbyists and legislative advocates for their constituents. They perform high-level legal, financial, statistical and operational analyses in support of designated activities and functions. They support and consult with staff and government officials regarding current legislative issues. They also represent their organization in meetings with businesses, public agencies, planning committees, federal legislators and community representatives.

Legislative affairs managers serve as legal advisors to the public affairs staff and management. They help develop legislative policies in accordance with the directives from senior administration. They audit and review established policies and formulate and release updated legislative proposals. Legislative affairs managers develop and maintain constructive relationships among local, state and federal government agencies. They also contact members of Congress and their legislative staffs.

Think Tank Employee

Private think tanks employ researchers, lobbyists and administrators to anticipate, review and analyze proposed bills, amendments, current laws and regulations regarding a myriad of topics. They may specialize in foreign policy and homeland security, or they may focus on the insurance industry and health care industry reform. They represent their organization during legislative sessions, lectures and reviews. They lobby, testify, persuade, influence, negotiate and participate in strategic policy decision making.

Private think tank employees coordinate legislative strategies with other interested advocacy groups. This includes research centers, political organizations, community representatives and industry groups. Together, they develop legislative strategies and action plans on matters related to political laws, policies, programs, operations, policies and financing. They facilitate and coordinate legislative outreach efforts through community tours, meetings and town hall meetings. They recommend actions regarding federal and state legislation to achieve desired legislative results.

Community Relations Liaison

Community relations liaisons are responsible for supporting and developing programs to help citizens, businesses, non-profits and educational organizations stay aware of local programs and events. Their goal is to increase interaction and involvement within the community. Their work involves a considerable amount of contact with the public through community organizations like homeowners associations, chambers of commerce and property management companies. They work with professional networks to advance knowledge, promote goodwill and increase citizen engagement.

Community relations liaisons provide on-site support for events and programs for the public. They may be required to manage all social media platforms for the city, which includes content management, posting of information and responding as necessary. They are the primary community outreach contact for public safety, so they work with fire departments, law enforcement and emergency response. They maintain and manage contact lists and databases according to categories like public health and business development.

Director of Public Information

One of the highest ranking jobs available with a Master’s in Political Science is a director of public information. These public servants work within government organizations to develop and implement strategic communications plans and programs. Directors of public information can work at the city level, higher government level or even with political campaigns.

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Getting a Master’s in Political Science has many job possibilities. The skills a political scientist will possess upon graduation will transcend many different types of job fields.