What Jobs Are Available With a History Degree?

History JobsThe jobs available with a history degree are as diverse as the topics you’ll study while earning your degree. Studying history at the college level requires more than just reading and remembering a series of facts. You have the chance to dig deeper and learn why different events happened and how moments in history impacted those who came later. Though teaching is one popular choice for history graduates, you’ll find a number of other options are available to you.


Libraries, museums and historic sites around the world need archivists capable of adding to their collections and curating the collections they already have. As an archivist, you must know how to restore different historical artifacts and how to preserve those artifacts for future generations. You’ll also work with private benefactors who want to make donations to those organizations. You may need to make difficult decisions about what to add to the collection and which items to turn down. Some archivists may also give talks in public about those collections and inform the public of upcoming shows and special events.


Writing is one of the jobs available with a history degree. Stephen Ambrose made a name for himself writing about World War II and other important events throughout history. Some of the more popular writers of historical fiction books also have a degree in history. College history programs require a high level of original research and writing, which teaches you the skills needed to write your own books later. With the popularity of tablets and smartphones, some authors even find success writing and publishing on their own. You may also find some success with your own history blog or as a writer of textbooks used in history classes.


According to the American Historical Association, a history degree may also prepare you for working as an educator. The AHA lists various educator jobs as including elementary and secondary school teachers and college professors. If you want to teach elementary, junior high, middle or high school, you need to look at what your state requires of teachers. Most states ask that teachers get a license and pass a background check. Those teaching in public schools may only need some teaching experience and a college degree. You’ll need a graduate degree or a Ph.D to teach at the community college or university levels.


One of the other jobs available with a history degree is that of a historian. A historian is someone who specializes in a specific era of history or a specific subject. The majority of historians work for the government, but you may also find employment in professional organizations. A historian might work with a museum to ensure that the information it provides the public is valid and accurate, or a historian might work with the state government to develop a new education program for all local schools. It’s possible that you might work as both a historian and an archivist or in another profession.

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There are a wide range of things that you can do with a history degree, including going on to law school or earning a joint degree later. If you want to look for work right after school, you might look into the jobs available with a history degree, including historians, archivists, educators and authors.