What is a Strategy Manager?

A strategy manager is an upper-level professional who forms and implements goals and projects on behalf of their company. Strategy managers only work in certain industries and primarily with senior managers and executives.

Strategic Planner

Most strategy managers start out as a strategic associate, planner or supervisor. They are usually tasked with collecting data, creating presentations and coordinating with other employees. For example, those working for investment firms compile financial reports and budget updates. They might perform advanced financial analyses of complex data sets. They might also be asked to gather data regarding products, customers and competitors in order to develop new marketing strategies that capitalize on the growth and opportunities. Strategy managers usually work for corporations and typically earn between $65,000 and $100,000 per year, according to PayScale.

Sales Strategy Manager

A strategy manager who oversees a sales department will drive awareness of products and services through employee training and market differentiation tactics. They will continually build cooperative communities within business environments to expand business functions and efficiency. They act as liaisons between executives and management. They consult with business leaders to influence strategic decision-making processes and projects regarding business models, financial analysis and market effectiveness. They are key members of sales and marketing leadership teams that lead joint projects involving customer targeting, engagement and issue resolution. They manage selective sales operations, such as budget, tracking and management initiatives. They also plan and coordinate departmental and regional resources and enterprise accounts.

Client Strategy Manager

Client strategy managers provide support and feedback to business stakeholders and decision makers regarding clients and accounts. They collaborate with sales, marketing and customer service managers regarding various business activities. They lead and participate in regular meetings to share metrics, spearhead new projects and report progress against executed objectives. Client strategy managers build better business models through researching and extracting insights from data driven reports. They also provide proactive feedback to managers and key partners regarding the employee performance and client satisfaction. Client strategy managers either handle a few major accounts or focus on improving overall client-business strategies. Client strategy managers seek to improve processes, streamline functions and drive revenue growth.

Distribution Strategy Manager

Distribution strategy managers are senior supply chain executives who oversee logistical and distribution channels. They drive the development and execution of regional and national distribution channels. They work with managers, operational executes, channel partners and third-party logistics providers. They manage top partners, track necessary data, review team performances and maintain contact with national and global partners. They drive the development of logistical improvement initiatives with warehouses and distribution centers. Distribution strategy managers regularly communicate about strategic processes, program statuses and ongoing logistical issues. They drive business results and program effectiveness through making recommendations and leveraging analytical data.

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As a final note, there are major differences between strategic managers and regular functional managers. Strategic managers typically have a few years of management experience and extensive technical knowledge that they use to guide specific business areas.