What Is A Good Minor To Complement A Sociology Major?

Sociology MajorWhat is a Good Minor to Complement A Sociology Major?

Deciding on a minor to complement a major in sociology involves evaluating your values and beliefs about the social world, and assessing your interests, talents, skills, and aspirations. Majoring in sociology will prepare you for a career in the social work, education, research, and law enforcement fields, and most importantly, give you an opportunity to learn about the roots of social behavior, social policy and problems, and many other exigent issues. This career choice will place you on the brink of creating positive change in your community, country, and the world at large.

What Sort of Sociologist Will You Be?

In order to gain the specific knowledge and skills to add to the general sociological perspective you will be learning, you must choose a sub-field specialization. Your career aspirations will govern your specialization choice, and that in turn will determine the best choice of a minor. Career possibilities are vast, from social work and criminology, to political, medical, or economic sociology, to deviant behavior and social psychology. The minor you select should complement your specialization in a relevant way; for instance, if your focus on deviant behavior, minoring in psychology is a good option. Future social workers will benefit from minoring in political science or public administration; or if you plan to work with a minority population, you may decide to minor in a language or in ethnic studies such as African American or Native American Studies. Finally, if you wish to engage in sociological research, an excellent way to gain relevant knowledge and skills is to minor in statistics. An enormous amount of sociological data is processed and reviewed as statistical information, so a good foundation in statistics will always bolster your professional credentials. A good place to start your investigation into the possibilities of sociology is with the American Sociological Association’s homepage where you can find a plethora of information on student resources, sociological careers, and open jobs in sociology, current research, and access to sociological journals.

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Preparing for Your Career as You Study

Selecting a minor is only the first step in building your career path. Membership in societies such as the American Sociological Association not only gives you an opportunity to read about what sociologists are doing, it also will provide you with important information on student resources such as career development and funding opportunities, annual meeting schedules and presentations, and current research and sociological publications. You will be able to engage with other sociology students and make the kind of professional contacts that will benefit your career. Other professional organizations such as the International Sociological Association, and regional and state associations are useful in providing information and contacts within the field; a listing of such associations can be found at Sociosite.

Figuring out what is a good minor to complement a major in sociology involves some critical thinking about what you plan to do as a professional. It also involves assessing what important work in the world that you are most passionate about accomplishing and what skills and talents you are bringing to the table. A review of the possibilities through some of the readily available professional sociological associations will help you make these crucial choices, easing your first step on the path to a meaningful career and choosing a good minor to complement a sociology major.