What Is a Good Masters Program To Complement My Social Science Degree?

While a bachelor’s of social science may seem limited in scope when it comes to potential careers, those that take that final step towards a social science MBA or related degree may be surprised about how many opportunities are opened up. For students that are ready to further advance their academics with a master’s in a social science field, here is a look what programs may be available to them and how this training will apply to future careers.

Social Sciences Degrees

An undergraduate degree in social science is actually a great platform for a number of masters programs. Essentially, students will be able to pick from any number of related fields and many graduate programs will accept this degree as a starting point for any master’s program that falls under the social sciences umbrella. Depending on the school that the student is applying to, this discipline will generally encompass any focus on sociology, social work, librarianship, anthropology, international relations, and even education. See our ranking: Affordable Online Social Science Degree Programs.

Current Options for a Masters in The Social Science Field

Throughout the world, there are over 100 recognized master’s degrees that have been shown to provide students with a much better chance at job placement and advancement. For those with a bachelor’s degree in social science that would like to move forward with a MBA in social science, the focus will be much smaller. There are around ten master’s programs that will complement a bachelor’s degree in social science, and most focus on the study culture, history, and human behavior.

A masters in applied social work is not only a popular option, it can be found in countless schools throughout the world and will open up a wide variety of career opportunities in both the private and public sector. The same goes for a masters in education which is often a requirement along with a number of certification courses for those that would like to teach at a high school level or higher. For students that would like to move beyond the academic world with their career, other choices to complement a bachelor’s degree in social sciences include anthropology, sociology, social policy, psychology, psychiatry, international relations, and information management.

Career Path

In the end, receiving one’s graduate and undergraduate degree is about finding an ideal job within the field of social science, and some studies show that over 50 percent of these students are hired within the first six months. When a student’s masters degree perfectly complements their undergraduate work, they will have countless more options available to them when they are finally on the search for a new career. With many of these programs, one of the leading job options will be teaching within that specialization such as anthropology or psychiatry. Students can expect that any one of these master’s along with the correct certification will allow them to teach at a minimum of a high school level with some options for higher education studies. In the private sector, students will have a slew of potential career paths ranging from PR to data gathering and market research. In the end, a social science MBA is an excellent base for any student looking to the private sector, public sector, national companies, or international organizations.