What is a Community Manager?

Community ManagerDo you know what a community manager is? If you want to work in marketing or advertising, you may come in contact with people who refer to themselves as a community manager. You are not alone if a question mark immediately enters the thought bubble above your head. Community managers are fairly new professionals who are becoming increasingly popular as more and more companies begin to market their brands through social media channels and platforms. If you are interested in learning more about what community management personnel does and what their responsibilities are, read on and learn everything that you need to know.

Controlling the Network By Being the Voice of the Brand

A brand is a company’s image, and part of that image is the company’s voice. The voice that the company has through media pieces should be the same as the voice the company has on social media networks. A community manager, also referred to as a CM, is the person who controls the company’s presence on a social media network. They will present products and showcase the brand by creating an entire experience as a visitor engages through the company’s profile. They are in control of the voice and will set the tone on the platform so that the brand’s reputation is not dull and lifeless.

Building Relationships with Clients While They Create a Buzz

Social media is a create place to build brand recognition, but it is also a great place to build stronger relationships with existing clientele that is already on social media. The CMs entire job is to connect with the target audience and the company’s loyal clients on a regular basis so that the brand is not forgotten. By asking followers for their feedback and giving them a platform to let their own voice be heard, the CM can gain the trust of prospects and strengthen newer relationships.

When the time is right and there is a need to promote a new product or service, the manager will use the network as a platform to create buzz. They may announce the launch of a new product, influence people to be the first to own a new piece of technology, or create some type of hype by releasing the first photo of a product to go public on the network.

Demand for Community Managers in Today’s Economic Environment

Community management is becoming an increasingly popular field for people who want to work in a field that requires a knowledge of technology and of marketing. If you are interested in being a strategist who markets through engagement online, there are more and more openings for you to pursue.

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You may not need a degree to land a position as a community manager, but having your degree will give you leverage in the field. There are several different certificate programs being developed to help students leverage community initiatives in a way that will increase market share or revenues and one of the popular certificates is offered through theĀ Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Make sure that you review the roles and responsibilities of a manager in this setting to truly determine if this is a position that you want to hold. If you enjoy social media and using new digital marketing strategies, you may make a great community manager.