What Degree is Needed to Work on a Political Campaign?

The most common degree needed to work on a political campaign is a Bachelor’s in Political Science. However, a specialized master’s degree in political management or public relations is the degree that is required for political campaign workers to advance their careers, according to the Princeton Review.

Bachelor’s in Political Science

A Bachelor’s in Political Science is a very popular degree, because it helps students gain substantive expertise in specific areas of political science while developing analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills. These degrees provide usually start out by introducing students to the foundations of the American federal and state governments. Students learn the basics about the evolving nature of American political culture and core topics such as the Constitution, policy processes, electoral arrangements and the never ending sources of conflict and consensus.

Students will be prepared to work on any political campaign, because they will take introductory classes in comparative politics and government. Understanding the empirical theories behind major global political systems will help students to connect with constituents and understand how governments function in modern societies. Students will study contemporary political ideologies that impact political policies such as feminism, liberalism, conservatism and environmentalism. Students also explore current political theory issues through the analysis media frenzies and major thinkers.

Master’s in Political Science

A Master’s in Political Science is the next logical academic step for political campaign workers. These programs teach students about broader concepts and more advanced theories. For example, students learn international relations theories, so they know how to apply traditional and contemporary conceptual frameworks to analyze global relations. Studying the politics of terrorism will help political campaign workers understand how to manage targeted actions of violence. Related to this, students learn the principles of American foreign policy and how these processes are formulated, challenged and changed through the branches of the government.

Students also have opportunities to learn about the politics, institutions and governments of Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin-American and other regions. This helps them to understand the social forces, political structures, legal processes, and foreign policies that impact and interact with the American political system. Students can learn about the historical development of the American legal system and constitutional law, which will study judicial review, landmark decisions and the Supreme Court. This will prepare them to successfully work in Washington, D.C.

Alternative Master’s Programs

Students can also pursue a graduate degree in either political management or administration. Political management teaches students how to win campaigns, effectively advocate for clients, handle sensitive PR issues and formulate communication strategies. Those who graduate tend to work in political campaigns or administrations with political data analytics, political leadership consulting and applied political communications.

As an alternative, students can earn a degree in strategic public relations. These liberal arts programs train students to master the skills, approaches and thought processes needed to succeed in the challenging profession of political public relations. They study everything from journalism to government relations to crisis management. Students usually learn how to leverage social media and technology for PR purposes. Students will graduate with an understanding of how society, the media and communication impact PR images.

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The degree needed to work on a political campaign is a major related to political science.