What Type of Job Can I Get With a Social Science Degree?

When considering that a big concern for most with a degree is that job options are too narrow, a social science degree looks very appealing. Unlike many other degrees, those with a social science degree can get a massive variety of different types of jobs; not being able to choose between these many options may be the biggest problem. Some of the biggest fields in which one can enter with this degree are: research analyst, sociologist, psychologist, probation officer, social studies teacher, federal worker, management trainee and one can also serve as an administrator in schools, corporations and government.

Counselling Jobs

In order to qualify for a job as a counselor, one will likely need a master’s degree in social sciences. Sadly, many may not take their schooling this far and miss out on certain jobs, however, by getting a master’s degree, one can open themselves up to a variety of jobs such as: substance abuse counselor, school adviser and much more. For those who want to work one on one with others in a positive way, choosing a counselling job can be very satisfying.

The best people for counselling jobs are those who find satisfaction in providing guidance for those who are dealing with problems or have room to improve. Overall, counselling jobs pay well in comparison to other social science jobs.


There are a variety of ways in which one can teach, both in a standard school or university and in a corporate environment. For those who are looking to teach in a K-12 school, being a social studies teacher can be both rewarding and difficult at the same time. While being a professor often requires more qualifications, the pay for teaching can be very good and students are often much more mature and easy to deal with at this age. The jobs teaching in a corporate environment are very varied; however, there is always something for each individual’s preferences.

Research Analyst

There are a variety of different analysis jobs for those with a social science degree. The most common of these jobs is a market research analyst. A variety of different corporations need to have input from a sociologist on the demographics and behaviors of those who consume their products or services in order to target them more effectively.

Social Worker

One of the most common jobs for those with a social science degree is that of a social worker. Social workers have very difficult jobs, such as those in CPS, however, they are also very rewarding. As a social worker, one will have to deal with some very adverse conditions and devastating sights. For those with a strong constitution as well as a strong desire to help others in a hands-on manner, a social work job can be a great choice.

Those with a social science degree have a huge variety of jobs available to them ranging from hands-on work to analyzing market trends and demographics. By getting a degree in social sciences, one is put in a great position to help others no matter the situation. For those looking for good social science jobs, first find out what one is passionate about in order to find a happy and satisfying career.