Top 15 Most Affordable Online Social Science Degree Programs 2014

Badge - Social Science CareersThis article is a ranking of the top 15 most affordable online social science degree programs. A social science degree is considered a basic building block for many careers within the field.

The area of the Social Sciences includes a wide variety of subjects and applications. At its core Social Sciences are about humans, the choices we make, and the consequences of those choices. Social Science disciplines include archeology, anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics, history, political science, and more. The purpose of academic programs that focus on social science in a general way, is to provide students with an understanding of the research methods, and perspectives, held in common by all of these various disciplines. The programs are perfect for students seeking a career in an industry or role that interacts with multiple parts of the human experience on a regular basis. The ideal social science program will provide students with the tools they need to be successful on a basic level in these careers, and the knowledge necessary to pursue an advanced degree in social sciences generally, or one specific area of social science.

This list is comprised of the most affordable accredited online social science programs available. Programs listed here include both undergraduate and graduate level programs. The ranks of schools was determined by affordability, and priority was given to schools that have been recognized for excellence in online education by the higher education rankings of U.S. News and World Report.

#15. University of Nevada–Las Vegas: Online B.A. in Social Science Studies


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UNLV is the flagship university of the Nevada public university system. The Social Science Studies major at UNLV is designed specifically for students that want the flexibility to create their own custom major studying the social sciences. Every aspect of the study of the social sciences is customizable. This makes the major ideal for students with a strong sense of what they want to do with the degree.

Tuition: $20,600

#14. University of Maryland–University College: Online B.S. in Social Science


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UMUC is an affordable public university focused solely on distance learning. The social sciences program at UMUC is designed to prepare students to apply the knowledge they acquire in a wide range of professions and situations. Critical thinking, information literacy, and an the ability to recognize issues as macro or micro level issues, are among the many things the program teaches students.

Tuition: $12,336

#13. Ashford University–Online B.A. in Social Science

Ashford-Unviersity-Online-B.A.-in-Social-ScienceImage Source

Ashford University is a for-profit university at a price that is cheaper than many non-profit universities. The school’s online programs may not be ranked, but it has one of the highest enrollments of any school in the United States at 63,000 students. The social sciences program offers students a strong foundation in the social sciences, while also offering concentrations in political science and government, and history.

Tuition: $10,312

#12. Thomas Edison State College: Online B.A. in Social Science

Thomas-Edison-State-College-Online-B.A.-in-Social-ScienceImage Source

Thomas Edison State College provides students with one of the most unique and flexible paths to their bachelor degree. Students can transfer in any number of credits, and CLEP an unlimited number of classes. It is indeed possible for students to earn a degree from TESC without ever actually taking a class from the school.

Tuition: $8,395

#11. Regis University: Online B.A. in Social Science

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The social sciences program at Regis focuses on qualitative and quantitative research methods, and the utility of their application to questions of social groups and social interaction. The program is designed for flexibility, and graduates will find they are ready for the workplace, or advanced study in a variety of fields depending on their goals.

Tuition: $32,424
U.S. News Ranking: #65 among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs

#10. Roger Williams University: Online Bachelor of General Studies in Social Science


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Roger Williams University offers students the chance to complete their degree through their General Studies in Social Sciences program. The program is designed for flexibility, and allows students to focus on areas of interest to them, relevant to their professional goals. With tuition over $30,000 per year, it isn’t one of the cheapest online social science degree programs.

Tuition: $31,668
U.S. News Ranking: #174 among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs

#9. Washington State University: Online Bachelor’s of Social Science

Washington-State-University-Online-Bachelor's-of-Social-ScienceImage Source

The focus of the social sciences program at WSU is on flexibility. Students may choose from 12 different concentrations, studying multiple disciplines, or just a couple concentrations as they desire. The program prepares students for a wide variety of possible careers and advanced study.

Tuition: $25,409
U.S. News Ranking: #21 among the Best Online Undergraduate Programs

#8. Florida State University: Online B.S. in Interdisciplinary Social Science

Florida-State-University-Online-B.S.-in-Interdisciplinary-Social-ScienceImage Source

The Interdisciplinary Social Science at FSU degree provides students with a strong foundation of the principles and methods of the social sciences. Students will learn the research methodology, and how to interpret contextual information common among all the social sciences, and gain an understanding of the various social science fields.

Tuition: $21,673
U.S. News Ranking: #102 among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs

#7.University of Maine at Augusta: Online Bachelor in Social Science

University-of-Maine-at-Augusta-Online-Bachelor-in-Social-ScienceImage Source

The goal of the social science degree program at UMA is to provide students with the foundation necessary to successfully evaluate a wide variety of situations and make decisions based on their evaluation. The program also emphasizes important organizational and interpersonal skills, which are necessary for students that seek to effect change in major private or public organizations.

U.S. News Ranking: #61 among the Best Online Undergraduate Programs

#6.Troy University: Online B.S. in Social Science

Troy-University-Online-B.S.-in-Social-ScienceImage Source

A public university located in Troy Alabama, Troy University offers 13 bachelor’s degree programs and 14 master’s programs online. The social sciences department offers programs in multiple social science disciplines. The study of Social Sciences at Troy is designed to help students understand of how each of those disciplines work, how they are connected, and how to evaluate various professional, personal, and political situations through the lense of social science.

Tuition: $13,612
U.S. News Ranking: #74 among the Best Online Undergraduate Programs

#5.National University: Online B.A. in Social Science

National-Univeristy-Online-B.A.-in-Social-ScienceImage Source

The second largest non-profit academic institution in the state of California, National University offers students the opportunity to earn a high quality education, at a distance, for an affordable price. The social science program at National is designed for students that wish to earn a teaching credential in a subject, while studying that subject from the perspective of social science.

Tuition: $12,096
U.S. News Ranking: #87 among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs

#4.Brandman University: Online B.A. in Social Science

Brandman-University-Online-B.A.-in-Social-ScienceImage Source

Brandman University was originally established by Chapman University for the specific purpose of providing education services to the El Torino Marine Corps Air Station. The school has since grown, and become independent of Chapman, but remains committed to the high academic standards for which Chapman is well known. The social science program at Brandman is designed for students seeking an interdisciplinary understanding of subjects like political science, economics, and other social sciences.

Tuition: $8,800
U.S. News Ranking: #41 among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs

#3.Colorado State University Global Campus: Online B.S. in Applied Social Science

The West Lawn at Colorado State UniversityImage Source

Colorado State University: Global Campus is one of the most comprehensive online learning centers offered by a public university. Not only does the school offer a wide range of programs, but it adds programs every year and provides students with online education of the highest quality. The social sciences program is designed to train students to think critically, and quickly, making them highly adaptable, and effective in the ever changing global job marketplace.

Tuition: $8,400
U.S. News Ranking: #16 among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs

#2. Granite State College: Online B.S. in Social Science

Granite-State-College-Online-B.S.-in-Social-ScienceImage Source

The online social sciences degree program at Granite State encompasses both social and behavioral sciences. The program is designed to provide students with an education that will act as a foundation for careers in public service and advocacy. The program is also a strong choice for students that wish to seek a more specific application of the principles through graduate study.

Tuition: $7,545
U.S. News Ranking: #48 among the Best Online Bachelor’s Programs

#1. University of North Dakota: Online B.A. in Social Science

University-of-North-Dakota-Online-B.A.-in-Social-ScienceImage Source

The University of North Dakota achieves its incredible affordability by charging online students the in-state tuition regardless of their location. The school has made huge strides in recent years, increasing the number of programs they offer. UND offers strong online programs, with the name of a well known state university to back them up. Students can choose the way in which they take UND’s social science program from one of two ways. The first is a traditional semester based style offered online. The second is a free form independent study offered both online and through the mail.

Tuition: $7,508
U.S. News Ranking: #131 among the Best Online Undergraduate Programs

Included below are a couple of bonus entries that demonstrate the kind of graduate program somebody studying the social sciences might enter. These are a just a couple of the online graduate programs available to students with a degree in social sciences. One is a direct continuation of the study of social sciences, while the other is a degree designed to help students translate their social sciences knowledge into the field of public health.

Bonus Entry: Ohio University: Online M.S. in Social Sciences

The Master of Science in Social Sciences program at Ohio University is the perfect place for students seeking to advance their understanding of their field, move into an academic position, or supplement knowledge acquired from a previous degree. The program is specifically designed for professionals that find they need to study two or more areas within the social sciences as they earn their graduate degree.

Graduate Tuition: $17,502

Bonus Entry: Capella University: Online Master of Public Health in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Capella University offers students the unique opportunity to study issues of public health through the lens of social and behavioral sciences. The social science program is designed to help students not only understand public health issues, but to understand the contexts from which many of these issues arise.

Graduate Tuition: $13,338